VENUE: Nur-Sultan (online)


ORGANISERS: "AIFC Green Finance Centre" Ltd.

Participating Countries: The region of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Mongolia.


The development of human civilisation until the 21st century brought some severe consequences. The technogenic impact on the planet’s landscape has led to adverse climate change and environmental disasters on all continents of the globe. The industrial revolution has shaped a consumer economy that requires transformation. Already today, issues of sustainable development and environmental preservation are being discussed in close cooperation with the ethics of technological development, industrial policies of countries, issues of hunger, migration and responsible funding. These issues are developed in all corners of the planet and form the intellectual agenda of the developed world and the new time.

We live in a world filled with many differences, but we are united by the desire to find a solution to emerging global problems. The era is coming when it is necessary to speak the same language - responsibility for the planet!

Kazakhstan, as an active participant in the ecosystem, since its independence has done a great job to improve the environment in the region and has joined such key international initiatives as the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. 

As part of the continuation of the pledged course of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 on the rational use of energy and natural resources, as well as the transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a green economy, the International Financial Center Astana (AIFC) has identified the development of the green finance system of Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the East European region as one of its key areas of activity. 

In 2018, the AIFC, as part of the implementation of the Strategy for ensuring regional leadership in the field of green finance until 2025, created the first Central Asian dialogue platform for green finance in the form of the annual international Green Growth Forum (GGF).

Launched by the AIFC initiative, the Green Growth Forum is becoming the main meeting point in Central Asia for green finance specialists from around the world to exchange experiences and best practices, discuss development options, and ways to overcome the barriers. 

Joining together a growing number of financial centres around the world can play a crucial role in tackling climate change and moving towards sustainable development. 

As part of the Green Growth Forum, the AIFC Green Finance Center has initiated the establishment of the international AIFC GREEN FINANCE AWARDS ceremony, aimed at attracting attention and popularising among the general public the idea of ​​transition to a green economy and respect for natural resources around the world. 

AIFC sees the great potential of the Green Growth Forum as an active dialogue platform for specialists from all over the world, and the prospect of organising it in countries that are actively involved in the development of the green economy and promote green finance. 

The main topics of the 2018 Forum covered the global networks of a sustainable financial sector, innovative mechanisms for green projects financing, a circular economy, smart city solutions, urban prosperity and new incentives for the development of the waste management industry. 

The topics of the 2nd 2019 Forum focus on green taxonomy, low-carbon development, the green capital market and banking, green finance policy roadmaps, high technology solutions for green finance, and the regulatory framework for expanding green finance. 

The topics of the 2021 Forum will be announced soon.

  • Discussing new trends in the field of green finance and exchange of experience in building a sustainable economy. The reboot of the financial sector and facilitating the capital flow in the region by combining the efforts of financial regulators, policymakers and key players in the capital market in the region.
  • Joining efforts of financial regulators, policymakers, financial institutions and other key stakeholders from the Asian region, as well as international experts from China, the EU, the UK and international organisations to discuss important issues affecting green and sustainable financial development in Central Asia.
  • Strengthening international cooperation and discussing options for supporting the development of Central and South Asia.
  • Providing a platform to ensure the interaction of the components of the innovation process of the region – power, science, investment and business.
  • Strengthening the ideology of developing a green economy in the world;
  • Establishing links between financial regulators, policymakers and financial institutions of the Central and South Asian region in matters of “greening” the banking environment and the capital market;
  • Broad media informing business and the public about the need to develop a green economy;
  • Creating and strengthening momentum for the development of green and sustainable finance in Central and South Asia.